Important Deadlines

Sunday, July 25th, 2021:  Deadline for applications


Saturday, August 7th, 2021: Deadline for accepted artists to commit to exhibit and to remit booth fee.


Saturday, July 31, 2021: Deadline to cancel participation and receive full refund of booth fee.


We are excited to welcome you to participate in "Hecho En" Arts & Craft Fair in Chicago’s Pilsen Neighborhood this summer. This Art Fair is focused on the Artists, Artisans, and Makers of our diverse communities in Chicago and across the United States. This year we will have close to 100 makers lined on 18th Street, between Ashland and Paulina Avenues exhibiting many styles, cultures, and colorful original artwork and originally designed products. This arts and craft fair honors the dedication of our creative community and the public who appreciates and supports the Maker’s movement. Thank you for your interest in applying to be a vendor! We look forward to hosting you.


Apply Here:





All artwork displayed must be original and produced entirely by the hands of the exhibiting artist.  While other fairs may allow reproductions, we do not.


Medium Categories


You may apply in more than one category, but you must submit a separate application and separate images with booth shot for each medium.



Original clay and porcelain work, functional or sculptural. No artwork from mass produced studios, collectives, or items made with commercial kits, molds, patterns, plans, or prefabricated pieces are allowed. Artists may not exhibit work purchased in part or in entirety from other artists for resale.


Digital Art

Includes any original work in which the original image, or the manipulation of other source material, was executed by the artist using the computer. (Digital photo editing within the confines of what could be done in the darkroom is allowed in the photography category.) Work must be signed and numbered limited editions, using archival papers, inks, and emulsions.



Work created using dry media including chalk, charcoal, pastels, pencil, wax, crayons, etc. or from a fluid medium of ink on archival material are accepted in this medium. Reproduction prints are not allowed.



Unique, one-of-a-kind artworks crafted from fibers, including embroidery, basketry, weaving, and tapestry created by the exhibiting artist alone are accepted. Includes but not limited to


wearable art.

No machine-tooled work, machine-screen printing or other forms of mass production are accepted.  Glass


Functional and sculptural

work using kiln forming, blowing, molding, or casting as well as cold working processes are permitted. No forms of mass production or reproductions are permitted.



Jewelers must be the designers and hands-on makers of their one-of-a-kind works. No commercial casts, molds, or production studio work. The Art Fair prefers that any beads used in jewelry-making be fabricated by the artist.  No reproductions.



One of a kind unique pieces created by the exhibiting artist are welcome.  No machine tooled, machine-screen printed, or other forms of mass production accepted. No factory-produced wearable items, regardless of additional modification or enhancement by the artist, are allowed.  No reproductions.


Mixed Media

This category includes works, both 2 and 3-dimensional, that incorporate more than one type of physical material to produce. Includes non-sculptural work as determined by the artist. Original one-of-a-kind pieces are accepted. No reproductions are allowed.



Acrylic, oil, gouache, and watercolors are accepted in this medium. Reproduction prints are allowed must be presented as signed and editioned.



Flat and three-dimensional unique one-of-a-kind works made with paper by the exhibiting artist are accepted. Reproduction prints are allowed must be presented as signed and editioned.



Includes traditional film photography, hand-colored images, emulsion transfers, and digital photography that has not been manipulated to achieve results beyond what could be done in a traditional darkroom. Only artist's original source material is acceptable. Work must be in editions, signed and numbered on archival material and all work displayed in the booth must be for sale. Signage of an overtly commercial nature listing the availability of numerous sizes, print surfaces, and/or other framing options is prohibited.



Only hand pulled original mono-print, serigraph, lithograph, etching, woodcut or other relief techniques are allowed. Prints must be in limited editions, signed and numbered on archival material.



Unique, one of a kind, art that is 3-dimensionally sculptural and is original work done in any medium by the exhibiting artist is welcome. No reproductions or mass-produced work.


Wood Objects/Hand-Crafted Furniture

Unique, one of a kind, original hand-tooled, machine worked, or carved work made entirely by the exhibiting artist is accepted. No reproductions or mass-produced work.


Collaborative Work and Multiple Applications

If artists apply and are accepted as a team, they may only exhibit the collaborative work they were accepted for.  No more than two artists may collaborate on work. Both must be included on and sign the application. Both must be present at check in and throughout the Art Fair. The collaborative work must have the signature or mark of both collaborators. A description of each member’s involvement in the creation of the artwork must be in the Artist's Statement. A Collaborating Artist is defined as participating in the creation of artwork; not a business manager/partner, spouse, or assistant.  Artists may not apply more than once in the same category.


Digital Images

Four (4) images are to be submitted for each individual media category entered by the artist. Three (3) images (image #1-3) must be of individual pieces of work. One (1) image (image #4) must be of a display of the artist's work, showing overall continuity and presentation of your current body of work. Images must be in 1920-pixel horizontal x 1920-pixel vertical format. Images must accurately represent the body of the artist's work to be exhibited at the Arts festival.


Application Fee

Please submit a non-refundable jury fee of $50 with your application, link below.




Acceptance of Offer to Exhibit

All artists selected to participate will be notify the Fair of along with a square invoice for Hecho En 2021 booth fair fee.  Payment must be made by July 10, 2021.


Exhibit Booth Fee

Upon acceptance into the fair, all artists will be emailed a square invoice for a $200.00 booth



Refund and Cancellation Policy

The application fee is non-refundable.  Booth-fees will be fully refunded until July 10, 2021.  After that there is no refund of booth fees.




Reproduction Policy All artwork displayed must be original and produced entirely by the hands of the exhibiting artist.  While other fairs may allow reproductions, we do not.


We do, however, permit you to bring and sell a small number of note cards with images of the work you are exhibiting in your booth during the Art Fair, as long as they are not prominently displayed and do not draw attention away from the work in your booth.


What do we consider a Reproduction?   Any method of making multiple copies of original art using photo, mechanical, digital, or casting technology is considered by Hecho En Arts and Craft Fair to be a reproduction. Reproduction technology have one or more of the following characteristics: The work is not the product of the artist’s own hand. The number of reproducible copies is technically limitless. All copies are identical. The copies are produced by commercial entities, and the artist is not involved in the process. Methods of creating multi-copy art in limited runs, such as intaglio, lithography, relief painting and other traditional printmaking means, are not considered reproductions.


Regarding photography and digital art, the Art Fair recognizes that artwork created utilizing photographs and/or computer technology are inherently reproducible. We also recognize that the use of cropping, enlargement and darkroom and digital processes can produce different effects even from the same negative/image. All of this is allowed at Hecho En Arts and craft Fair. We require that participating fine art photographers show only work that they have signed, numbered, and produced in limited editions on archival material. Such work is not considered to be a reproduction.


To prevent the sale of mass-produced work at Hecho En Arts and Craft Fair, the Fair reserves the right to halt sales of such work on-site, and/or to not invite artists who are believed to be selling reproductions, unlimited editions, mass produced work to future Fairs.


Rule Violation Policy

To ensure fairness for every artist, the rules contained in this application will be strictly enforced. Artists not complying with Hecho En Arts and Craft Fair policies will be asked to leave the art fair, without refund. Hecho En Arts and Craft Fair reserves the right to advise artists of any work that does not meet art fair standards and may take any action deemed necessary for compliance. Hecho En Arts and Craft Fair reserves the right to not invite violators to future fairs.


Refund and Cancellation Policy

The Application fee is non-refundable. Booth Fees will be refunded in full until July 31, 2021. After that, there is no refund of Booth Fees.


All booth spaces are sized to accommodate display tents measuring 10 ft. wide by 10 ft. deep. No electricity is provided. Display arrangements must meet with approval of the committee. The committee is looking for balance in terms of variety of product and the way in which it is displayed. All work must carry a selling price. Artists must exhibit work on both Fair days from 10 am to 6 pm. on Saturday and 10 am to 5 pm. on Sunday.


Sales and Taxes

Artists retain all revenue from the sale of their work. No commission on sales is due to the 57th Street Art Fair. Artists are responsible for collecting and reporting the State of Illinois and City of Chicago combined sales tax (10.25%) on any sales. For more information, please visit the Illinois Department of Revenue web site at:





Artwork by Peter Jackson