Raul Sisniega




My spirit landed inside a male Mexican body.  My parents decided to give me a name, it was Raul Sisniega.  This space-time coincidence developed in my spirit a mixed cosmovision, formed by my national roots, and blending with globalization, has helped to create the person I am today.


I have a curious mind. This curious mind has developed an intermittent pleasure in superficially reading ancient philosophies, and then spending hours and even days wandering around all these ancient philosophical ideas. All of these ideas help me in trying to establish the court in which my mind likes to play, and If I had to use three concepts to delimit it, they would be ancient Nahuatl philosophy, Jewish kabbalah and Gnosticism. Being all of these said, I would like to start explaining the concepts that seduced me to create this series of images.


Malkhuth or Malchus is the tenth of the sephirot in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Malkuth means Kingdom. It is associated with the realm of matter/earth and relates to the physical world, the planets and the solar system. It is important not to think of this Sephirah as "unspiritual". Even though Malkuth is the emanation "furthest" from the Divine Source, it is still on the Tree of Life and therefore has its own unique spiritual qualities. It is also said, Ketner (the "highest" Sephira) is in Malkuth and Malkuth is in Ketner. To me this is totally linked to the idea of as above, so below.


The Nahuas, had a word to name a concept similar to the Jewish Sephirot. They named it Tlāl-tícpac ('on the firm ground'), a portion of the Earth constituting a large part of the material visible world.  Ancient gnostic philosophers called this material realm “stereoma”. An illusion. A delightful treat for the senses to wallow.


After 40 years living inside this human shell, I can only conclude that the human experience is nothing but a game. The spirit playing inside a flesh interface. An emanation of the divine booting inside the tenth sephirot.  Divine flux trapped inside a material realm. And for all of these I am terrified, grateful and excited!!! This material/spiritual relationship is what I explore in this series.